Monday, August 17, 2009

Another week

I can't believe I forgot to post about the Nickelback concert yesterday! It was amazing! We missed Saving Abel play. Papa Roach played next & it was mind blowing! They sounded so clear & the crowd was so into them. The lead singer came out into the crowd, just a few feet away from us. SO COOL! Then Hinder came on. They were ok, not great but their singer also came into the crowd. Then Nickelback came out. I have seen them the last 4 times they have come through Indy. They always have amazing pyro but this year they outdid themselves. The singer is amazing at talking to the crowd & keeping it lively. They also played some country stuff, metal & even a little rap. To funny! We had a blast & the girls really enjoyed it all. Oh and we got to see the end of a fight behind us. Sean decked some dude in the bathroom because he wouldn't leave him alone. We've been to tons of concerts & this was probably the rowdiest crowd we have seen. How funny is that? At Nickelback but not at some hardcore metal show.

So on to today. I have kids all week & Shelby has all kinds of practies going on. It would seem volleyball may start today too on top of everything else. This is my last week before school starts. This semester is going to be rough & I am going to have to focas all my time & energy on it. Let's hope it goes quickly. So this week I will be scrappin as much as I can. Hopefully my mother in law will take the kids Saturday so Sean & I can do something before the craziness starts.

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