Saturday, September 5, 2009

scrappin(even though homework is not done!)

This is for the challenge on Pink Ninjas.

Bren's first day of 4th grade.


  1. what a great secret! Yeah, dont tell anyone that you cannot do it all! :D For all they know YOU ARE superwoman! Go you! Thanks so much for playing along with us!!

    Ninja Adrienne

  2. Fabulous layout! Thanks for playing along!

    Ninja Em

  3. so rad that you played along!!! thanks so much..makes us very happy over here at the pink ninjas!!...your layout is super cute!!!..hope we can see more of your layouts!!!...can we post your layout on our blog??

  4. Yes please feel free to post any of them. Thanks!!!

  5. alright, alright, so i know im a little late when ive seen it already on our blog,,, mama had been busy and im sorry,,,, anyway ~ thanks for always playing with us over at pink ninjas ~ love the secrets layots you busted!!!
    {xoxo} pink ninja ally

  6. Jami---Guess what I found at the party store? Banana clips!! I did not buy them but bought fish net gloves in neon pink and yellow for Syd.

    great idea with the buttons--oh how it brings back memories.
    I think i used enough hair sprya back then to kill the ozone--not green at all----:)