Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring break for me!!!!

I did this one using a sketch from I paid $3 for that cube and it's the best money I have ever spent. The cats love it and it is entertaing to all of us.
This I used the prompt and sketch on The title says if I could do it all over again I would not change a thing!

This is also for

This is from www. This is for my zoo book I have going.

This I did last week. All for my zoo book. I love doing 8x8 los. I also love taking a 12x12 sketch and shrinking it down to use for my zoo pics. I got the ITop brad maker and have Loving it so been playing with it. Loving it so far! Today is my first offical day of spring break. My plan is to scrap some all week. This afternoon Sean took me out to lunch then we walked through the park. Since we moved in Dec. everything around here is so new. I love discovering new stuff. So today it was trails we went walking on. FUN! Oh I am also going to post on this blog everyday this week. That IS my goal!!!


  1. I LOVe the one of you and Sean--:D I can't get over how many you got done today. Ask em to scrap when you scrap again. I need to scrap some of my own pics for awhile.

    I love how you got out the giraffe. I need to do that.
    Cool zoo ribbon !!

  2. wahoo for the itop!!! :)

    first time at your blog, but you've got some eyecandy going on over here! :)



  3. Great layouts! Really love what you did with the Sketchy Thursdays to play with paint, huh!