Thursday, April 15, 2010

What makes you happy today??

This is my bleeding heart bush. I have had it about 10 years. I dug it up from my old house & brought it to the new one.
Bren and I love sunflowers so we planted a ton. They are coming up!!

In the edition we live in there are ponds everywhere. So one is behind our house and it's smaller back there than in the front. I love to go sit and feed the fish and watch the frogs. Oh and I have seen some turtles too. Love turtles!

I have been in a funk so I decided to show everyone what makes me smile. I wanna see what makes you smile too. Since we moved I have had to find new things to enjoy. I miss the stuff where we did live but I think that's because we were there so long and it's habit. It has been so fun exploring new places in a new town though. Ok your turn!

1 comment:

  1. I need to post something like to this. Love the pic of the frog.

    I can't wait to scrap in the morning that will make me smile.