Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First day back to work

I do daycare in my home. I am so very lucky to have a job let alone this one. I keep teachers kids & run teachers hours. I keep the best kids & they have the best parents. Today I have 3 little boys I kept from when they were little bitty until they went off to school. I miss them so much. There's one more little boy that couldn't come today & I miss him like crazy. He's on vacation so I hope he's having a blast.

A week from tomorrow I start back to school. It;s 4 classes & one I will have to drive an hour & a half one way for. With Shelby's cheer schedule & vollyeball I will not know if I am coming or going. I am still gonna try my best to blog. Not so sure my scrappin will get the same attention. :(


  1. I am sure we will find some time to scrap together. Just remember me!!

  2. We will still be scrappin together! :-) Just not as often. The most important thing right now is for you to keep up with school. We love you!