Monday, August 31, 2009

I did this lo a couple weeks ago for 52 sketches but never posted it. Shelby first cheer game.
This is for Pink Ninja's concerts challenge. My girls have been to pop concerts but Nickleback was their first rock concert. They had a blast!

I did this for a challeneg on These are the new kittens we got.
Todat is back to the grind with homework & running Shelby everwhere. Have a great week!


  1. Aw the kitties are gorgeous! I think we're all suckers for furry babies!
    Thanks for playing along with the challenge!

  2. OH! Awesome, I so wanted to go to the Nickelback concert that came around here! Awesome! Thanks for playing along with us over at The Pink Ninjas!

    Ninja Adrienne

  3. Ref: "I'm a sucker" layout.

    Cute kitty page. How could you not keep all three

  4. Fabulous layouts! Thanks so much for playing with us! I'm totally jealous of the Nickelback concert!!

    Ninja Em

  5. awwwww so sweet ~ their first concert!!! thanks for sharing this rad layout with us ~ can i share it on the ninja blog??

  6. Ally~ yes please share! It was their first "real" concert. LOL My oldest has been to Britney, Demi Lavato & Boys Like Girls. All poppy & not my thing.