Saturday, August 29, 2009

Look what we got!

Yes we are insane & got 3 kitties! I just wanted to get one black one for Sean bc that's what he wanted. Well Jill called today & said the momma died & we needed to get the kittens now & start trying to get them to eat. So I said ok we will take 2. Another cousin was suppose to take the last kitten but ended up not wanting it so Mamaw called & they brought us the 3rd one. How did I end up with more cats than Jill? ROFL
Anyway today was beautiful outside. When Sean got home from work we went to get Shelby from a friend's house & then went to a covered bridge & walked around,caught toads & skipped rocks. Fun stuff!!Tomorrow Jill & I are gonna walk 4 miles then later Sean & I are taking the kids & Amiee(the dog) to the nature park. Gina & I ARE scrappin tomorrow. I am so excited!


  1. Did you keep the toads too--rofl
    Yes we are scrapping!!!! I am at my desk right now. I have some new pics that are calling me.

  2. No I don't have the toads smartass! LOL

  3. rofl---hey you already have a zoo whats a few more?

  4. At this point I'm not sure we'd notice more. LOL

  5. Way too cute
    Love them