Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another week-end over

This is for Pink Ninja's challenge after they got their 100th follower on the blog.

This is for Pink Ninja's challenge Collections. If you know me you know I LOVE TURTLES!!!

It was a fun week-end but man they fly by. Took the girls & a friend each to Kentucky Kingdom for their b-days. There is a Ben & jerry's shop there & a photo op. The girls did the Casper Slide with Leghorn Foghorn. So cute!


  1. Great layouts lady!! Awesome! Thanks so much for celebrating with us on our 100th follower! And thanks for playing along!
    Ninja Adrienne

  2. Great lo I am so jealous you scrapped. I did not have one moment to myself this weekend.

    What a fun time with your girls and their friends. I can see some cool los coming.

  3. Sydney's party was great. They all had an awesome time. I would post pics but I don't want the other girls pics on the net.

  4. awesome job girly!!!...all your turtles are super cute!!!~thanks for playing along!!!