Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This is Ava's 4th b-day party. We were playing with her new toys.
Shelby turned 14 last week-end. I am not sure how 14 got her so fast!!!
So I have not scrapped for a couple weeks. Homework is wearing me down. Plus with all the b-days this month we have been so busy. I am ready for a week-end at home this week-end. Sean is finally building my office he's promised for years! YAY! Really the main thing is to build platforms so nothing is setting on the floors when it floods. He even bought me orange carpet for my new space. LOVE IT!
Hi Gina!!! I miss you!!!! I am going to work super hard to get work doine so maybe I can scrap this week-end!!


  1. Hi Jami miss you too. I feel lost!
    Every time I see cute orange organization items I think of you. Can't wait to see the space sean is making for you.

    Let me know about this weekend.

  2. I will let you know. I am trying hard to get stuff done! One of my classes ends Sunday. WOOHOO Next semester I only have 1 class.

  3. wow what will you do with your day with only 1 class?
    maybe actually slow done a bit