Sunday, October 25, 2009

This is Bren on her 10th b-day. I did the challenge here
Shelby cheering. I did the sketch here

Just a 2 page lo. More cheer pics. Not loving it.

I did this for the Pink Ninjas challenge Skin Marks. I did this lo of where my next tat is going bc I have done los of the 3 I already have.

I saw this idea somewhere & loved it. So here is another cheer pick. The girls were doing YMCA.

This is of my helpful kitties. ROFL
DUH! I just realized I didn't crop these pics. However it took forever to get them to load so I am not going back to do so.
School is going into the 10th week. I have 1 midterm to go & one more competency left. I am so burnt out. When the weekends come I just want to be a slug. Hopefully I can step it up & make it 6 more weeks. As for the girls, Shelby is done with volleyball for the season & cheering for football. She is talking about trying out for basketball. She has never once played on a team. I am not sure I can deal with another crazy schedule again. Bren has a spell bowl practice competition this week. Only about 4 weeks left until the real one.


  1. awesome lo Jami. My fave is the circle one with the paint---very very cool.

    I noticed you used a lot of orange on your lo---HMMM wonder why? :)

  2. Can I tell you I am actually getting sick of orange & blue on my los. Guess since they are school colors I better get over it! LOL Thanks Gina!

  3. Awesome layouts!! I want a tat on my neck too.... One of these days! :)

  4. Love the layouts! Thanks so much for playing with the ninjas!

    Ninja Em

  5. i love the los and can't wait to see ur new tat!

  6. I love that idea! The "before pic" seriously! Cool. LOL Do you know what you are going to get as a tat there?? It will be awesome! :D LOL thanks for playing along with us.

  7. Adrienne~ I'm going to get 4 stars each a bit smaller than the one before. 3 will be blue for my brothers then mine will be pink. I will have 2 little pink stars hanging off mine for my girls & 1 off my brother's for his daughter.

  8. wow, love this one! the nape is it :) thanks for playing along!