Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A scrappy week-end

Bren & Abby Halloween night. Shelby & Hannah at 6 Flags.

Bren & jacy at Six Flags.

Hannah & Shelby again.

This is 2 of our kittens. Sean snapped this pic. I love it. I did the challenge here http://a-true-friend.blogspot.com/

The last 5 los are for my zoo album.

Things seem to be calming down around here. I got a lot of scrappin done over the week-end & today. I still have homework to finish but scrappin with Gina today was much needed. I love that girl. Check her blog out here. http://www.papercamerascissor.blogspot.com/


  1. Ok---first of all your brought tears to my eyes that is sweet of you and I LOve you too!!! Love being able to scrap during the week

    You have awesome layouts here. I love the one with the elephants---coool pp!!
    the one with Bren and all those pics ( can't belive you got that many on there) love the QK on there too. Oh and I LOVE LOVE the one of the KITTENS--so cool ---I will be making you some black cats.

  2. Thanks! I am so needing those black cats. It never dawned on me until you showed it to me. DUH! Sorry about the tears. ROFL Post your los bc I wanna see! If I get my math done today I can scrap again tomorrow. :D

  3. Jami---I will post my layouts in the morning. My batteries are dead( they are sold old and wont keep charge).

    I hope you can scrap again tomorrow.