Friday, October 9, 2009

Finally got some scrappin done

This is Shleby's first volleyball game of the season. I did the challenge here I can't believe we only have 1 v-ball game left.
I love this so much! Shelby looks awesome in her uniform and so grown up.

Not sure I am feeling this one but love the pics.

This is my kittens messing with the toilet paper. I did the challenge here. I just love this blog!
As for me I am super busy with school. I did get 1 class finished and passes with an A. I have midterms coming up so lots of studying headed my way. In my coding class I have 4 comatenceies to take. Did one last night & aced it. 3 more to go, 2 of which are next week. Gotta pass those or you get the boot from the class. No pressure though! UGH!!!


  1. Jami---I love the white and black paper you used on the one kitten lo. Cool lo of Shelby really like the rip on the top and the QK of course.
    The zebra paper is KI memories---I forgot I had it in my stash from a lady on Cord mb. Miss you too!!

  2. Aw, the kittens are so cute-one of mine has an obsession with the toilet roll too! Fab pages and thanks for playing along with the challenge!

    Lori @ ATF

  3. Great projects! What a great feeling to actually sit down and scrap. So glad you entered the contest!

    Kim Rose
    Express the Moment

  4. Thanks for the comments on my blog---I can't wait to see what you did when we scrapped. i also can't wait for this weekend. I have a feeling we will be staying home because syd is sick.

  5. I hope you are home bc I am so excited to scrap! Sorry about Syd though!